Alternate Universe is a company designed to provide exciting new entertainment to facilities throughout the various sectors to the public sector. Our modus operande is to engage with the local communities, providing an environment that is unique new and exciting. We believe that people need to have facilities around them that are both exciting and affordable. Recent studies have shown that where people have various options of entertainment, their stress levels are lowered significantly whilst there is an increase in productivity. As such Alternate Universe is cognizant of the need to make sure that the centers provided are affordable so as to be available to the wider population.

Moreover AU's drive is to provide the latest technology entertainment to the wider population, this can only be achieved by continual reinvestment into the business, part of the mission statement for the business. We believe that to keep people entertained new ideas need to be introduced into every center; as such we have a life cycle policy that is based on statistical analysis. Over a period of time, based on factual data, new facilities would be introduced to keep our customers continuously entertained